Political Consulting

The reason that our clients are triumphant is that our firm is successful at framing the debate on the most advantageous terms, targeting the right audience and ensuring resources are spent as effectively as possible. As the leading campaign management and polling firm in New York and Albany, we conduct cutting-edge research which ensures a disciplined and effective message.

Expertise. Creative insight. Strategic thinking.

A winning candidate must project the right image, boost a clear, effective and well articulated message, and adopt a campaign strategy reflecting unambiguous goals. Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates, offers a comprehensive approach to political consulting to help you achieve that goal. We assist candidates with campaign and communication strategy, issue research and message development, traditional and digital political media, and political image development.

Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates’ approach enhances a political campaign’s overall strategic goals by assuring the allocation of organizational and financial resources in the most efficient and productive manner. Our political consultants’ advice is unbiased and not profit-driven. Unlike service or product specific vendors, what we offer – whether media buying, polling or digital marketing – always becomes an integral part of the campaign’s comprehensive strategy.