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Congratulations to Bharati Sukul Kemraj to being named PoliticsNY and amNY Metro’s Power Players in Corporate Social Responsibility

Bharati Sukul Kemraj

Senior Associate, Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates

Born in Guyana and migrating to The Bronx, Bharati Sukul Kemraj is a graduate from Fordham University with over 15 years of experience working in media, non-profit, public and government settings. She combines a knack for communications with a true passion for community engagement. Currently, Ms. Kemraj is a senior associate with Patrick B. Jenkins and Associates and founder of The Bharati Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to connecting resources to those in need.

Why is corporate social responsibility important to you and your organization?
As humans, we have a responsibility to do all we can to leave our imprints in this world and make it a better place for the future generations. Charity, community and simply sharing spaces with important causes is valuable to the entire team at Patrick B. Jenkins & Associate.

How does your organization ensure that CSR flows through all of its areas?
At Patrick B. Jenkins and Associates, management and the entire team has a conscious understanding that it is our daily mission to always show up and work with stakeholders to complete the task at hand while operating in a way that is respectful, giving, and beneficial.

What are some of your organization’s specific CSR goals and what social impact do you hope to accomplish?
We all know that having a bad reputation socially and environmentally can have negative effects on the overall success of a company. As a consulting firm specializing in strategic solutions for businesses and campaigns, government relations and community relations, our goal at PBJ&A is to follow ethical practices and keep an open door policy when it comes to being transparent while always engaging with community, businesses and organizations.

How would you describe CSR in three words?
Communication, resources and values